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Natural Loofah Soap

$4.00 $4.50

Long lasting glycerin soap. A real loofah sponge infused with clear soap, fragranced with great scents and skin safe color. Fantastic exfoilation naturally. Can be used all over or just hit the rough spots such as heels, elbows and hands. Use in the shower or at the sink. Loofah soap can be made at the time of order, please ask if you want more than what is available.

If out of stock I will make this within a week and mail to you.

Blue - Boyfriend, a yummy scent

Lime Green - Coconut Lime Verbena

Orange - Mango Papaya

Brown - Sandalwood

Purple - Moonlight Stroll

Pink - Midnight Pomegranate

Yellow - Lemon

***more scents and colors available upon request

How many of each scent or color? Can be made at time of order and sent a few days later.

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