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Negative Soap Embed Challenge

Posted by Thoma White on August 12, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Hello everyone! I am sharing my first entry in Geat Cakes Soapworks Negative Embed Soap Challenge. This has been a fun challenge and believe it or not I actually paid to enter! I still can't believe I am participating in this challenge. I have followed this soap maker for a couple of years and learn a lot from Amy Warden, owner of the company. 

Negative embed means you pour your soap into a mold then at that time or after it is solid you remove some of the soap and fill the holes with more soap, trying for visual appeal of course. I chose to pour into a 2lb loaf mold then stuck PVC pipes into the soap along with a couple square wooden dowels. The next day I pulled the pipes out along with the soap which was in the center of the pipes. I wanted to have some bright colors and went with orange, purple and yellow. My main soap is a white soap with tiny jojoba beads throughout. I placed my colors into clean squirt bottles and alternated the layers of the colors into the holes. Let me tell you getting the pipes out was tough! But so far so good.

The 3rd day into the challenge I cut the soap. This was hard because I had to do a horizontal cut to show off the filled holes and the design. I had to hand cut this which is not great because my cutter will not allow such large sizes to be cut. So not perfectly even ok. I then proceeded to trim up the edges to make it look good. I thought the finished product was pretty cute myself. Today I took pictures and will publish this tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it will have a good response. I have truly enjoyed the challenge but know I will not try this again as it wasted a lot of soap by cutting it horizontally and is a very time consuming soap to produce. 

Thank you Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soap Company for hosting the challenge. 

Thoma White 


Loofah Soap

Posted by Thoma White on June 29, 2013 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I am exceited to announce a NEW LOOFAH SOAP!!! Talk about a beautiful soap with a real loofah for exfoliation. The colors are bright, clear and remind me of stained glass windows. Loofah's are natural and come in various sizes. All soaps are hand cut so the prices have been decieded but the cut weight, using 4 oz. weight as a guidline between large and small. Try the long lasting loofah soaps. They can be used all over or hit the rough spots such as your knees, heels and elbows. Place on at the sink for getting the dirt off your hands. Lots of ways to use the soap. You can even use a few in a dish to look great on your bathroom counter.

Summer Fun

Posted by Thoma White on July 18, 2012 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (2)

I cannot believe that it is mid July!!!  Drought has been a big problem in our area of Indiana.  Life is busy as most of you know well.  I have been busy running around the softball fields of Indiana with our daughter and her team "The Force" of Kokomo, Indiana!  With nationals (a week long tournament) next week ending the season I will get back to concentrating on making more soap available. 


I have updated the website and will continue to do so as time allows and as my good friend Brenda is able to help me with the technical "web stuff".  Thank you Brenda!!!! 


I am introducing solid sugar scrub cubes which have been tested out by friends and family and all have enjoyed them.  They are a great little extra and very affordable. 


I have had great responses on the Jewelweed soap.  My friend Tammy says her son has not had to get a "poison ivy shot" at the doctors this summer!!!  In fact when he did need to see the doctor for a sinus issue the doctor asked him "what's up, I haven't seen you yet for poison ivy"?  WOW  I am happy for him and hope those of you who are prone to contact derm type problems will order and give it a try.  I hope it will work just as well for you.


Well I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your summer.  Check out some of the new soap's for the season....Mango & Papaya and Ocean Rain with jojoba beads.  I have ordered new scents for the fall and winter seasons ( I know they will be here before we know it).  Look forward to making Eucalyptusand  Peppermint  soaps and also a Shampoo Bar is in the works.... stay tuned. 


Thanks for your support.  I love to hear from you!


The Month of May

Posted by Thoma White on May 2, 2012 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I have 2 new soap's to introduce.  Both are great to have in the spring and summer time! 


First is GARDENER'S GRIT.  I cannot believe that it is already May and so many flowers have come and are now fading!  Realizing that planting time has already arrived and most of us will be planting a flower or veggie garden (or possibly both), I got in gear and made this years Gardener's Grit Bar.  This soap is scented with a blend of Patchouli, Lemongrass and Rose E.O.'s.  It also has "grit" which really is grits!  This provides a great exfoiliant to hands and heels.  Gardener's Grit will be available to you in 2 weeks to provide sufficiant time to cure and dry. Pictures of this soap will be posted soon ( hopefully today but with a crazy schedule it may end up being a couple days :/  ).


The second bar is new to me and I am anxious to see how well it works!  I got the receipe from a wonderful soap book and read about the benifits of JEWELWEED.  This plant when put on contact derm type skin conditions ( ie. Poison Ivy and Oak) helps to relieve inflammation, itching and reddness.  For centuries, jewelweed has been the traditional remedy for soothing the discomfort of  Poison Ivy & Oak. 

   This took a long process....let me tell you the story.....the   Jewelweed plant was picked with a friend (Deb) in a ditch last fall (picture two women trapessing around in a ditch with grocery sacks picking plants)  , then I came home to make the Jewelweed tea which was made from the plant and the flowers were then juiced (thank goodness for goodwill and a cheap juicer). This was then frozen until spring when the soap would be  needed.  Once ready to make the soap, I first had to make a basic skin loving soap.  That had to sit and cure for 2 weeks!  Then another friend (Tammy) came over and we grated all that soap by hand which took forever.. ,  and was then placed into a double boiler, mixed  with the thawed Jewelweed tea mixture, and blended together to form a  beautiful new naturally dark colored soap.  This process is also known as a rebatching.   This final soap mixture is then poured into another mold and the next day cut into wonderful skin loving specialty bars of soap!  

So the long and short is that this soap takes about 4 steps to make, 6 weeks total to cure and I am hoping it will be worth it to many of you who are suffering from the discomfort of Poison Ivy or Oak!


Batch #1 has no added fragrance and no added color ( plaid stamped bars)

Batch #2 has Orange Essential Oil added and no added color. (flower stamped bars)

Thank you again for your support.  I would love to hear from you on any of the soap's purchased from SoapTastic Natural Soaps! 





"We Are Live"

Posted by Thoma White on April 7, 2012 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

We are officially live and on the air!!!  April is the month to grow in membership.  Our goal is to grow the website with your help.  If you sign up as a member, you will receive not only monthly specials, you will be the first to see any updates on new soaps, lotions and soon to come Bath Fizzies and Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs! 

The contest for April is to have all new members "share" with their friends the SoapTastic site.  When you and 10 of your friends/contacts join in the month of April you will receive a FREE round of soap on your next order! 

Thank you for your interest and once you try our soaps I am convinced you too will become hooked!!!

Coming soon....

Jewelweed Soap used to combat Poison Ivy

Basil & Citrus

Smoky Musk

and more....I love to have variety!

In The Beginning....

Posted by Thoma White on February 16, 2012 at 10:10 PM

Hello to everyone and THANK YOU for checking out SoapTastic soaps I hope that you have become a member and will try out our soaps. The beginning has a few phases, so let me go back to the very beginning.  If you read "about us" then you know that we have worked at various festivals and craft shows.  Occasionally you get a break and get to wander about and buy items that appeal to you.  That is how I was first introduced to natural cold process soaps. 


From the beginning, the very first bar, I became hooked and continued to find and buy natural cold process soaps at almost every show we worked :).  I noticed that my skin was less dry  and I  had no problems even washing my face with these soaps.  So why wasn't I making soap if I loved it so much?  Well after our busy festival season in the fall I bought books, supplies and started my first batch of soap January 2011.  My first mold started with a converse skinny shoe box!  Ha! How I love to look back and  see the progression of this past year. 

 My parents own a store called "Piddles Trading Post" and have allowed me to have my soaps sold at their store (thank you mom & dad). I have attended a couple craft shows with only my soaps and have truly enjoyed it.  It is fun to see peoples reactions to various scented soaps, someone may love it and the next person will prefer a different scent....  and now another new beginning.  I am launching into the web and am anxious to see the response.

I cannot write this first blog without saying Thank You to my husband for listening about soap ideas, staying out of the kitchen several evenings when soap in being made and also for testing out so many soaps, my friends and family for their encouragement andusually having to listen about soap at some point in most of our conversations, my friend Brenda for her tech saavy smarts and helping me with this site and other multiple questions about computer things, and first and formost Thank You Lord for opening doors with so many people and places and helping me to discover the joys of making something from basic natural rescorses and seeing it become something useful and beautiful. 


How amazing and fun this journey has become. Thank you for coming along for the ride and I hope to hear feedback from you on the soaps you purchace.