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The Month of May

Posted by Thoma White on May 2, 2012 at 9:15 PM

I have 2 new soap's to introduce.  Both are great to have in the spring and summer time! 


First is GARDENER'S GRIT.  I cannot believe that it is already May and so many flowers have come and are now fading!  Realizing that planting time has already arrived and most of us will be planting a flower or veggie garden (or possibly both), I got in gear and made this years Gardener's Grit Bar.  This soap is scented with a blend of Patchouli, Lemongrass and Rose E.O.'s.  It also has "grit" which really is grits!  This provides a great exfoiliant to hands and heels.  Gardener's Grit will be available to you in 2 weeks to provide sufficiant time to cure and dry. Pictures of this soap will be posted soon ( hopefully today but with a crazy schedule it may end up being a couple days :/  ).


The second bar is new to me and I am anxious to see how well it works!  I got the receipe from a wonderful soap book and read about the benifits of JEWELWEED.  This plant when put on contact derm type skin conditions ( ie. Poison Ivy and Oak) helps to relieve inflammation, itching and reddness.  For centuries, jewelweed has been the traditional remedy for soothing the discomfort of  Poison Ivy & Oak. 

   This took a long process....let me tell you the story.....the   Jewelweed plant was picked with a friend (Deb) in a ditch last fall (picture two women trapessing around in a ditch with grocery sacks picking plants)  , then I came home to make the Jewelweed tea which was made from the plant and the flowers were then juiced (thank goodness for goodwill and a cheap juicer). This was then frozen until spring when the soap would be  needed.  Once ready to make the soap, I first had to make a basic skin loving soap.  That had to sit and cure for 2 weeks!  Then another friend (Tammy) came over and we grated all that soap by hand which took forever.. ,  and was then placed into a double boiler, mixed  with the thawed Jewelweed tea mixture, and blended together to form a  beautiful new naturally dark colored soap.  This process is also known as a rebatching.   This final soap mixture is then poured into another mold and the next day cut into wonderful skin loving specialty bars of soap!  

So the long and short is that this soap takes about 4 steps to make, 6 weeks total to cure and I am hoping it will be worth it to many of you who are suffering from the discomfort of Poison Ivy or Oak!


Batch #1 has no added fragrance and no added color ( plaid stamped bars)

Batch #2 has Orange Essential Oil added and no added color. (flower stamped bars)

Thank you again for your support.  I would love to hear from you on any of the soap's purchased from SoapTastic Natural Soaps! 





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