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Negative Soap Embed Challenge

Posted by Thoma White on August 12, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Hello everyone! I am sharing my first entry in Geat Cakes Soapworks Negative Embed Soap Challenge. This has been a fun challenge and believe it or not I actually paid to enter! I still can't believe I am participating in this challenge. I have followed this soap maker for a couple of years and learn a lot from Amy Warden, owner of the company. 

Negative embed means you pour your soap into a mold then at that time or after it is solid you remove some of the soap and fill the holes with more soap, trying for visual appeal of course. I chose to pour into a 2lb loaf mold then stuck PVC pipes into the soap along with a couple square wooden dowels. The next day I pulled the pipes out along with the soap which was in the center of the pipes. I wanted to have some bright colors and went with orange, purple and yellow. My main soap is a white soap with tiny jojoba beads throughout. I placed my colors into clean squirt bottles and alternated the layers of the colors into the holes. Let me tell you getting the pipes out was tough! But so far so good.

The 3rd day into the challenge I cut the soap. This was hard because I had to do a horizontal cut to show off the filled holes and the design. I had to hand cut this which is not great because my cutter will not allow such large sizes to be cut. So not perfectly even ok. I then proceeded to trim up the edges to make it look good. I thought the finished product was pretty cute myself. Today I took pictures and will publish this tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it will have a good response. I have truly enjoyed the challenge but know I will not try this again as it wasted a lot of soap by cutting it horizontally and is a very time consuming soap to produce. 

Thank you Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soap Company for hosting the challenge. 

Thoma White 


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