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united states shipping

We are shipping only to the United States only at this time, sorry International shoppers. Internet orders will ship  USPS priority mail and will arrive in a few days after being shipped.  Smaller orders will ship first class and may take a day or two longer.  You will receive an e-mail from us when your package is shipped.  It will include a tracking number at no extra cost to you. I will do my best to ship to you soon after your order is placed unless otherwise indicated.    








Due to the sensitive nature of soaps and bath products, we cannot accept any items for return.  We do our best to have accurate discriptions on all products as not to surprise any customer.  We take care to package all items securily but in the event that something arrives to you damaged we will be happy to replace them.  There is no need to return the damaged items.  It is our goal to keep you feeling clean and happy and will do everything in our power to make sure that you receive our products in good condition and are happy with the products.

Why SoapTastic Soap is different  from store bought soaps

Many store bought soaps are petroleum based detergents which are harsh on your skin.  Most store  soaps also do not contain the naturally occurring glycerin found in our soaps ( because they skim off all the moisturizing and skin condition glycerin to re-sell to other manufactures for their lotions).  Our soaps are true cold process soaps.  They have quality ingredients, provide emollients to the skin and have great conditioning and moisturizing properties. 

SoapTastic samples

When you place an order, we will include up to three small soap samples with your order.  Soap samples are small pieces of soap that are good for a few hand washings. they are designed to give you an idea of what the scent smells like and how it feels on your skin.  These samples may not come labeled, and are only identifiable by their color and their scent.  I will try to put a note of the sample in the shipping box of what you will be randomly receiving. 

coupon codes

We will be incorporating specials and coupons as we grow and evolve and as the site allows.  Specials will be on the Home page.  Coupons or member contest must be redeemed with the code at the time of check out.  If you are having any trouble with the code please contact us prior to placing the order.  We are unable to give you the coupon after the order has been placed. At this time specials will be either free shipping on qualified orders, free soap rounds or sugar cubes. Stay tuned to the home page for the deals.


Some people are very sensitive to skin products.  Please test any of our soaps on a small patch of skin inside yuou elbow to see if you have any reaction.  Some of our soaps may contain raw milk products, peanut oil based products and various exfoiliants. Most (but not all) people find they are just fine to use our soaps on their skin, but proceed with caution if you have any allergies.

face soap

Yes, the soap is safe to use on your face, hands and body.  If you are extremely sensitive, you may want to use the Naked Jay soap.  Otherwise soaps which have properties of tea tree tend to be favored for acne problems. 

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